CSV to SQLite Database

Just wrote a bash script to import a CSV file with headers (and without double quotes) into an sqlite database:

if [ "$3" = "" ]; then echo "Enter \"csv2sql filename tablename dbname\""; else
dbname=$3 list=$(cat $filename | sed -n '1p' | sed 's/,/ VARCHAR,/g')
cat $filename | sed '1d' | sed 's/,/|/g' > temp
echo "create table $tablename($list VARCHAR);" | sqlite3 $dbname
echo ".import temp $tablename" | sqlite3 $dbname
rm temp

Oh and this allows you to create a new db and table as well. If your CSV file comes with double quotes for strings, you may wanna add the following line at the start:

sed 's/"//g' $filename > temp; mv $filename $filename".bak"; mv temp $filename

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